Android Beacon Library

An Android library providing APIs to interact with Beacons

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Expected Background Detection Times

The table below summarizes the way background beacon detections work on various Android versions. The top of the table describes the techniques supported by each Android version, and the bottom of the table shows how this converts to detection times.

  4.3-4.4.x 5.0-7.x 8.0+
Allows long-running scanning services YES YES NO
Supports JobScheduler scanning NO YES YES
Supports bluetooth scan filter NO YES YES
Sends bluetooth detections as intents NO NO YES
Detection possible after reboot YES YES YES
Detection possible after task manager kill YES YES YES
Typical secs to detect first beacon 150* 5 5
Typical secs to detect second beacon 150* 150* 450
Typical secs to detect beacon disappear 150* 150* 450
Typical secs to detect after kill 150* 5 450
Maximum secs to detect appear/disappear 300* 300* 1500

* Android Beacon Library with the default backgroundBetweenScanPeriod of 300 seconds. This may be adjusted to a higher or lower value, but lower detection times use proportionally more battery.

Table 1. Technology Support and Beacon Detection Times Across Android Versions

Where do these limits come from?

See the blog post here for a detailed description of these limits.

Need Faster Detections?

If you need faster detectons than provided by the above table, consider using a foreground service on Android 8+ to unlock the ability to do more frequent background scans, and then configure a custom backgroundBetweenScanPeriod that is shorter than the default 300 seconds, understanding that this will use more battery.